Using Social Media for Customer Service

You may have thought that social media can only be used for building your brand’s presence online, engaging with potential customers, and helping boost SEO but did you also know that social media can be a valuable tool for providing customer service? 

Marketing works well when you identify a trouble spot for a customer and aim to fix it. The same can be said for customer service. First, you will need to listen to your customers and potential customers. Monitor your brand on social media and see what these users are saying. Are they identifying problems with your product? Are they praising a new upgrade on your app? In either of these situations, acknowledge your customer. To build brand loyalty, customers want to be heard and responded to. Social media is the perfect place to do that. 

There are some key situations that will help to increase customer service engagement on social media. For example, there are many times social media users will ask a brand a direct question about their product, a technical question. A timely response to these questions will help to create favorable experiences between the consumer and your brand. 

Realistically, not all feedback directed to your social media channels will be favorable. That is ok. Do not rush to delete these comments. Instead, try to spin them in a positive light. For example, if a customer complains about their meal at your restaurant, ask them to message you privately and offer them an incentive to try your restaurant again ($15 off their bill should convince them!) when they do. Consider only deleting negative comments if they are abusive, racist, or promote harm. 

Social media is a great way to engage with your target audience on a very direct scale. Because of this, it provides the opportunity to create customer service experiences that will in turn create fondness of your brand.