How Social Media Managers Act as Customer Care Specialists

When you hire a social media manager, you are hiring someone to manage your social media presence online. If they are contracted to do the actual implementation (like I often am), then naturally, they would be the first choice to be your customer care specialist on social media as well. 

Chances are that your social media manager has at least some background in customer service. They will also understand the tone, history, and goals of your brand and how to translate those things in social media communication. Therefore, the social media manager who is handling your accounts will likely be in charge of handling customer feedback directed to your accounts. However, it is always extremely helpful to provide some training on your company’s social media and customer service policies. 

As a small business owner you should feel confident in your social media manager’s ability to handle interaction between your brand and audience on social media. This will allow hem to create engagement and help to foster positive experiences between your audience and your brand. For example, allowing your social media manager the ability to craft unique responses ad hoc in order to respond to feedback (without have to have it checked and approved) in a timely manner will help to create positive interactions. Even further allowing a social media manager the ability to offer a refund or other incentive to help create a positive interaction can also be helpful. 

Customer service should be a priority at all times and in all facets, including social media. Keep in mind that your social media manager can also serve as a customer care specialist when managing your presence online.