Are You Using Someone Else's Photos on Instagram?

Have you found yourself scrolling through Instagram and then finding the perfect photo to post to your feed? Before you take that screenshot and post it to your feed here are a few things to consider.

Best practice is to always, always ask for permission from the owner of the photo. Giving credit where credit is due is of utmost importance when sharing someone else's photos. You are not entitled to share someone else's photo as your own. Additionally, this violates Instagram's Terms of Service. Using someone else's photo can get your account deleted for violating the Terms of Service. 

Asking for permission is simple. When you find a photo you like, leave a comment asking to use the photo. The user may take a bit of time to respond to you, be patient. More than likely, the user will grant you permission, so it is always in your best interest to ask. 

Additionally, you may want to use a reposting or regramming app. This will share the photo with originall text and even include a sort of watermark on the photo as you share it. 

For a great example of how an account best uses a regraming app to share other users photos with credit, check out the account: @hotonbeauty