Are You Burnt Out?

When you work for yourself, you often do not feel the same necessity to take breaks or place limits on the amount you work each day the same that you would if you worked a traditional 9-to-5 job.

Because you work for yourself, the amount of work you do will most likely directly benefit you.

This can be extremely stressful if things are not working in your favor or if you are going through a slow period. This leads to over work and potentially exhaustion. Both are symptoms of burnout.

What is burnout? Burnout is the exhaustion (both mentally and even physically) after being under long periods of stress. Basically, you have placed such a high demand on yourself to perform at a certain level and have been working at a very high level of stress. This has caused you to exhaust your self, thus a burnout. You may also feel a lack of engagement to your work or total indifference.

If you feel that you are experiencing burnout, be sure to recognize this immediately. When you can name what you are going through it makes it easier to tackle. Immediately step away from your work and look at it objectively. Come up with a plan to make it more manageable. This should give you the confidence and motivation to get back to work in a healthy way. Make sure to take some time for yourself and do something you enjoy. That can be taking a vacation, going for a walk, or even taking a long shower.

A main cause of this for those who work for themselves is not having a health work/life balance. It is tempting to constantly work. The temptation to send 5 more sales emails or spend and extra hour writing blog posts is real. However, these take up time that should more deservedly be spent to self care. Set clear boundaries for when your work day is over and stick to those boundaries. Allow yourself to have time to yourself during your work day. Breaks are essential.