Three Types of Content Real Estate Professionals Can Post on Social Media

Even if you have a decent following on social media and a good network of previous clients who send you referrals, the type of content you post on social media can make or break how well you market yourself digitally. Often there is a challenge in deciding what content to share on your social media outlets. 

Here are three suggestions for real estate professions: 

1. Guides - Share guides and resources about buying a home for the first time, refinancing, or securing loans. Your potential audience will find this information helpful. 

2. Information about the area you work in - Potential home buyers will be curious about the area that they are considering buying a home in. Be sure to turn yourself into a knowledgable resource by sharing information about the area on your social media outlets. 

3. High quality images - Across nearly all social media platforms, high quality images receive the greatest amount of engagement. When you share images on social media, make sure that they are high quality.