Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform to visually display content. It is a popular platform utilized by a wide variety of age groups, including those who may be in the market to purchase a home. 

Real estate professionals can harness the power of Pinterest in a variety of ways. 

Create relevant boards for your area - For example, if you are a realtor on the Northwest Side of Chicago, Create a boards like "Restaurants in Chicago", "Things to do in Chicago", etc. This provides a valuable resource for those considering a move to the city. 

Use high quality photos of your listings - Pins that contain high quality images are the pins that get repinned and saved. 

Create boards dedicated to your listings - Create a board that has several high quality images of your listing. When the property is sold you can either delete the board or add "sold" somewhere in the title. 

Cross promote your boards - If you have a specific board about a property you have listed, promote that Board on Facebook and Twitter, include it in your emails, and/or write a blog post about it. Encourage traffic to your Pinterest boards. 

Create boards based on your own interests - You'd be surprised how much you have in common with potential clients. If you like Home DIY, Gardening, or Grilling, those might be excellent boards to create - they're topics you might have in common with potential buyers. Humanizing your brand is always key. 

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