Five Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Leverage Social Media

In the know real estate professionals have already carved out their space in social media as a way to immediately connected with potential home buyers. Social media is a cost effective and direct way to connect with clients and to showcase your listings and several real estate professionals have taken advantage of the advantages social media presents. 

If you are newer to social media, it might seem a bit overwhelming. Don't worry, here are 5 ways to immediately start leveraging social media as a real estate professional. 

1. Be engaged in the area you work in - Post about events, landmarks, and other news that occur in the area that you work in. Reach out to others in the area and form genuine connections with them. 

2. Share relevant content - There are a lot of helpful guides on the internet for your industry. Try sharing those with your followers as a service to them. If you are targeting first time home buyers, consider sharing guides to buying your first home. Or, if you want to take it up a notch, write the guide yourself (or hire a business blogger to do it). 

3. Be visual - Facebook and Twitter are great, but are you on Instagram and Pinterest as well? Both are great platforms to showcase your listings visually. Instagram allows you to connect directly using hashtags and locations. Pinterest will allow you to upload several photos to a single board in order to provide as single place for potential buyers to view photos. 

4. Add a blog to your website - Be the authority in your industry and in your specific area buy posting fresh content on your website's blog. This will help your search engine rankings and will allow you to create unique content that can easily be shared on social media. 

5. Be consistent on all of your platforms - Make sure that your branding and photos (your professional headshot) are consistent across all of your social media profiles.