Three Social Media Platforms Every Etsy Shop Should Be On

For Etsy Shop owners, marketing can sometimes be a bit tricky. Many Etsy shop owners do not have the time or resources to launch full scale marketing campaigns, grow email lists, or buy paid advertising because owning an Etsy shop is a side gig or they would much rather focus on their talent of hand making goods. However, there are three social media platforms that etsy shop owners should maintain a presence on in order to boost sales.

Facebook - By creating a Facebook page with excellent graphics, your shop will gain some legitimacy. On your personal profile you can list yourself as the owner of this shop and link to your page in order to promote it to your network. You can promote your page and listings in Etsy seller groups on Facebook as well. On the page itself you can share content related to your craft and even post the listings to your products. If you have a budget, you can create paid ads to promote your products and your page.

Instagram - Because Instagram is so visual, it is the perfect platform for showcasing your handmade items that you sell in your Etsy shop. Be sure to use high quality images and helpful and captivating descriptions. Also be sure to use popular hashtags in your post in order to connect with others who are using those hashtags (#etsyshop #supporthandmade)

Pinterest - Chances are you may already be on Pinterest and use it for inspiration when creating your handmade goods. Like Instagram, be sure to use high quality images when creating a pin since the likelihood of it getting repined is much higher. Create relevant boards and join group boards when you can in order to share your pins to redirect back to your listings. Also, you'll want to create relevant boards to your craft to connect with potential customers who may share an interest in your craft.