Should You Run a Holiday Themed Marketing Campaign?

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Ah, the holidays. It's the time of year where small businesses make one final push to boost sales before Christmas. It is the perfect time to sell because consumers are as ready to buy as small businesses are ready to sell. How do you reach these buyers to get the maximum impact during this time period? 

Create a holiday themed campaign. 

Now is the time to really boost your sales with a specialized theme before the holidays. The campaign cane take the form of a limited time discount ("40% until December 15!") or this can even be an opportunity to grow your mailing list ("Subscribe to our newsletter to receive Free Shipping on your order!")

Pay for advertising on Facebook and Twitter. Use high quality graphics and copy in your ads to get the attention of your target buyer, or in some cases those who buy for your target. For example, a board game for children will most likely be purchased by their parents. 

Because of your expected increase in sales due to the holiday season, this can be your time to demonstrate a high level of customer service. Ensure orders are sent on time (don't promise orders by Christmas if you know you will be unable to fulfill the shipment). Remember to surprise and delight your customers. You can do this by saying thank you with a coupon for their next purchase or including a free sample. 

Holiday themed campaigns can work to your advantage if you are a small business owner. They can be an opportunity to increase your sales for the year end while demonstrating your customer service skills and gaining loyal customers.