Using Snapchat to Market Your Small Business

Snapchat is a relatively new app that has increased in popularity since 2011. It's popularity continues to grow as the app is updated and improvements are made.

Basically, the app allows a user to take a photo or video and send it to their friends. This photo or video disappears after seconds and is gone forever. Sometimes there is an option to replay it and then the sender is alerted. The sender is also alerted when someone takes a screenshot of the photo they sent. Additionally, the image or video can be posted to a feed of sorts accessible for only 24 hours 

Who is on Snapchat? 

According to their website, more than 60% of smartphone users between the ages of 13 and 34 also use Snapchat. This is a large and influential demographic. It is also important to note that many Snapchatters use the app several times a day. This means that many who use Snapchat, use it regularly. 

This provides a lot of opportunity for a brand to gain exposure via Snapchat. 

After you've created an account for your brand (or designated a representative for your brand to Snapchat on behalf of the company) star promoting it on all outlets. Post on Facebook, Tweet about it, create an email campaign, etc. Promote heavily in order to gain followers. These followers become your audience. 

Tip: Upload a short video with the caption, "To see more, follow us on Snapchat @xxxx" 

Now that you have built up your audience, start posting content and post it frequently. 

Suggestions for content to post to Snapchat include: 

  • Quick, funny videos from the CEO/Owner
  • Videos of the product in action
  •  Use the geotag filters when available
  • Inspirational or scenic photos 
  • Include the personality of the company in photos or videos 
  • Give a behind the scenes look during the work day

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