How to Refocus after a Work Hiatus

If you've ever in your life taken a break from work, no matter how long or short, it can often be hard to get back into your usual rhythm.

For me, my break was 6 months of destination wedding planning, plus a week long vacation surrounding my wedding. I bet you can imagine how hard it was to get back into the groove after being in beautiful, sunny Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a week :) 

However, now that I am back to work, I have taken steps to help myself get back into my usual work routine before I took a hiatus. 

Be gentleIf you pick up exactly where you left off, you might be doing more damage than good. It is often easier to ease yourself back into work, especially if you work for yourself. If possible, allow yourself to gradually get back to the level of performance that you were at. 

Increase your productivityImplement systems to help with your productivity. Here are 3 things I did: 

  1. Hired a virtual assistant - I am excited to have support in the most basic way. This also forces me to create tasks and deadlines for myself and my VA and keeps me on track. 
  2. Developed a "master calendar" - I was working with so many calendars- editorial calendars, client content calendars, my personal calendar, etc. I decided to combine these all in one calendar to streamline my schedule and have only one place to look to see what is going on for that day. 
  3. Created manageable tasks - Before my hiatus, I schedule a million things for myself in one day and often felt burnt out. Now, I organize my daily schedule with more manageable tasks that are better prioritized. I have also learned to spread out larger projects over a few days instead of trying to complete mammoth tasks in one day.

Create rituals - Refocusing takes a bit of self care - daily. Every day you need to do something for you. Whether this is spending an hour reading every day or creating a delicious lunch from scratch during a 3 hour break every day, do something that is solely for you and make it a ritual.