Set Your Home Office Up for Success

If you work from home, you often know it is challenging to make your home feel like an office, because, after all, it is still your living space.

However, if you are fortunate enough to be able to carve our some space, maybe a spare bedroom or a corner in your basement, you can turn it in to the perfect home office.

The most important think you will need is a del or a dedicated surface for you to work at. By having a surface only for work, you won't have to overload your dining room table. Having an actual desk is ideal as this will create a work atmosphere the best.

You'll also want to invest in a planner. I use this term loosely. You could buy a paper, bound, traditional planner, use a Calendar app on your phone, or use a combination of both or something different. I schedule all my work in Calendar on my Mac and have that sync to my phone. I also use a Moleskin weekly calendar for my daily to do lists.

The software you use is also key to your success.

Accounting- I use Waveapps. It is free and allows you to send invoices and get paired within the same program. You can also add your accountant to your account in order to give them access to your records to do bookkeeping.

File Storage - I use Google Docs because it let's me do everything that I need without having to purchase Microsoft Office. It allows me to share a document or spreadsheet with my assistant or a client easily. Everything stored in Google Drive syncs to my phone which means I can always easily access my work.

Project Management  - Asana is the perfect tool to create to do lists, content calendars, and outlying projects in. I am able to sync it with my calendar to make reminders for myself.