What is the number one way to achieve Work/Life Balance?

When I first started this business, I was newly engaged, had just bought a house with my now husband, and adopted my pup Horatio. It was not the most opportune time to start a business but it was a goal that I wanted to achieve.

While doing so, I had a hard time achieving a Work/Life Balance. Not having this impeded my success and left me feeling quite unhappy. I wanted to work hard but still have a fulfilling life.

To me, a Work/Life Balance is central to my success. It means being able to work hard doing the type of work I love while at the same time having a life outside of work. The number one way that I achieved a Work/Life Balance is through separating my work space from my homespace both phyiscially and mentally. I did this in a variety of ways.

1. Set Work Hours - This is easier said than done. When I first started this business I worked all sorts of hours every day. This quickly led to me feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. Trust yourself that there are enough hours to work in the day and schedule in the times that work for you. For example, I wake up later so my work hours start around 9:30 and end at 4:00 when my husband gets home. In between that I take a 2.5 hour break to catch up on reading, have lunch, and play with my pups (I have three now!!!)

2. Create a Separate Space - It's very tempting to Netflix and Work on your couch and I am guilty of that on occasion (I'm also guilty of working from my bed once in a while). When you work in your home space, your are combining the two places and this creates a bad habit. You don't necessarily need a spare bedroom to turn into an office, but you do need a dedicated space that you can consistently work at.

3. Candle Method - When I am working during my office hours, I sometimes light a candle. Mentally, this is how I signify I'm at work. When I blow the candle out, work is over. It's a nice touch to have in my office in terms of decor as well. Creating a ritual like this will help to get you in the work mindset. 

4. Take an Actual Lunch - You should eat, and not in your workspace. Take some time every day to disconnect from work and recharge during a meal and some downtime in the middle of your work day. 

These are just some of the ways I've created a Work/Life Balance. They work for me and have helped me to maintain my focus on work while still giving me flexibility and time to pursue other things that I love to do.