10 Quick Hashtag Tips

Ah, Hashtags. When used properly they create a traceable collection of content. When used improperly, they can be an annoying eyesore. Here are 10 quick tips on best practice when using hashtags. 

  1. Don't include punctuation. When you use punctuation you break up the hashtag. So use #SarahandRobGetMarried not #SarahandRob'sWedding
  2. Use hashtags sparingly in your captions. A good caption is "Check out our #LaborDay sale for 25% off of all our #shoes" not, "Check out our sale on shoes this Labor Day. #LaborDay#HappyLaborDay#holiday#sale#shoes#saleonshoes#buynow#shopping"
  3. Like above, if you are going to use several hashtags on an Instagram post, post the photo with the caption, then have all of your hashtags posted in a separate comment under your caption
  4. If you are going to use hashtags, make sure that your social media profiles are public. There's little point of using hashtags for your posts if no one can see them. 
  5. Don't include a hashtag in your baby's name #ChristopherJames might be a name you'll both regret. 
  6. Keep hashtags to a minimum on Twitter. Too many hashtags comes off as spammy. 
  7. Capitalize to separate words in longer hashtags. For example, instead of #oldirvingpark, it should be #OldIrvingPark
  8. Keep an eye on trading hashtags. if they are relevant to your industry, use them. If they aren't don't include them in your posts - it will look spammy
  9. Makesure you have more words than hashtags in your posts
  10. Use hashtags wisely. Misuse or sappy use of hashtags can hurt your credibility and be a turn off to your followers.