Book Review: The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

I had heard amazing reviews about Gary Vaynerchuk so I decided to check out The Thank You Economy. This book has many great perspectives as to how one should interact with their customers. 

He uses the analogy of business owners and upper management needing to think like small town shop owners. Small town shop owners know their customers well. They know their dislikes, likes, and a bit about their history. Although this is not feasible for all businesses to achieve, a great deal of effort can be made in order for a company to get to know their customers better. 

Again and again, the author stresses the importance of addressing a customer's needs and valuing their business. This is done by listening to a customer's needs, complaints or compliments and handling them accordingly. 

I find this concept of listening to customers valuable in my line of work. 

Social media comes into play for this in that it is a valuable tool to listen to your customers. Social channels like Twitter and Facebook are great places to listen to your customers. They are ways to get almost instant feedback from your clients. This is a place to start a dialogue with them. From there, you can get to know them and develop relationships. These relationships will turn into brand loyalty. 

I would highly suggest that anyone in a business that deals with customers read The Thank You Economy. It's a great source of client satisfaction inspiration. There are loads of strategies and reasons as to achieve optimal relationships with your clients in this book.